How to save money with Pricehare

Pricehare is a great tool for saving money on the things you want, but don’t need right now.

Step 1 - Sign up

Create a Pricehare account (or login if you already have one. You’ll be presented with a dashboard, which will probably be blank.

Step 2 - Add your first product

Pricehare works by using the URL’s to track your products, so open a new tab/window in your web browser and browse to the product you want to track. This can be any website. Once you’re there copy the URL from your browsers address bar go back to Pricehare and click on the ‘plus’ button. Paste your URL into the box.

To make this even easier have a look at our bookmarklet.

Step 3 - Wait

Go and get a cup of tea Pricehare will keep an eye on your product for you and let you know when the price drops.

To make it even easier i’ve created a video.