Save £39 on Dyson Cool Link fan

We are now in the full swing of summer (though it’s raining outside). Today I’ve tasked myself with finding one of the best fans on the market, the Dyson Cool Link Desk Fan for the best price possible.

This fan normally retails around the £350 mark, I know, it’s a lot for a fan! But it’s promising lots of cool features, including smart phone control. The Dyson fans have lots of great reviews and I personally love their design.

My default place to buy electrical items from is John Lewis. They have a fantastic gurantee (2 years) and good customer service, however they are normally quite expensive. I added the fan to Pricehare a few weeks back and it hasn’t budged in price. So this means I need to put a bit more work into find a lower price.

The secret to John Lewis is thier price match, they will price match any high street store. I normally see this as a challange and it normally worksout successful. I open up Google product search and start looking for good prices. The trick to the John Lewis price match scheme is the high street store, you need to make sure that any store you put in a pricematch has a high street address, not a warehouse address. A quick look at the ‘about us’ section on a website and you can see whether it’s based on the highstreet.

In this case I found the product at Donaghy Bros based in Northen Ireland who sell the fan at £304.50. I’ve personally never heard of them, but John Lewis accepteded the price match and I can pick it up tomorrow with there click and collect service, perfect for the rainy weekend.

Total amount saved £39.50, amount of time 5 minutes.

The large fan is also available for £439.99