Updates and accouncements from the Pricehare crew.

Bookmarklet Update

For those of you that use our bookmarklet to add items to Pricehare today we released a crucial update whereby the bookmarklet would of not worked with sites which you are browsing over SSH. Please make sure you update your bookmarklet.

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Save £39 on Dyson Cool Link fan

We are now in the full swing of summer (though it’s raining outside). Today I’ve tasked myself with finding one of the best fans on the market, the Dyson Cool Link Desk Fan for the best price possible.

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Public Product Pages

We’ve made a big change to Pricehare over the past few days. Product pages are now public, don’t worry though all the personal information has been stripped. This means you’re now able to share product pages with your friends.

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How to save money with Pricehare

Pricehare is a great tool for saving money on the things you want, but don’t need right now.

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We’ve made an easy way to save money online even easier! Introducing the new Pricehare bookmarklet. Now you will be able to keep a button in your browser in order to save the item to Pricehare.

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